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Leftfooters FC

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Sunday Kickabouts

Kickabouts are what Leftfooters is really all about. It's how it all started and it's still definitely the most fun aspect of the group.

Every Sunday afternoon at 2pm we converge on our sacred corner of Regents Park, Gloucester Green, stake out a pitch, put on a red or white top and get stuck in to a friendly game of football. Free from pressure to perform, full of camaraderie and mickey-taking.

Our motley bunch includes people who are very talented to people who can just about run for 10 mins at a time, so why not use your Sunday afternoon to come to the park and meet some friendly people who don't care if you fall flat on your back or do ballet moves while missing the ball. After "next goal wins" we head off for a well earned drink. So sod the gym, don't waste your Sunday afternoons, come and play football in the park with us! 


Want to join in? Email us at or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter

Wednesday 5 a sides

On Wednesday nights we convene at 7pm at the Linford Christie Sports centre for two hours of glorious tiki taka Barcelona'esque football that can range from two five a side to three seven a side teams depending on numbers.

Get in touch if you'd like to join the play for a modest fee.

Competitive Football

Footers participate in the GFSN national league and cup as well as a number of tournaments in the UK and abroad throughout the year. National staples include the Yorkshire Terriers 5 a side tournament as well as the Leicester Wildecats 6 a side tournament. We have also travelled across Europe attending the Streetboys Munich, Ballboys Hamburg, Vorspiel Berlin, Paris Arc En Ciel tournaments and the Paris GayGames in recent years.

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